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How Are .Homes Domains Being Used In The Wild? We Break It Down For You. [April 2019]

Since the relaunch of the .Homes domain extension on 14 Jan, approximately 3500 new domain names have been registered. I’m constantly amazed with the creativity associated with the great .Homes names that have been registered and are being used across the real estate industry. Below is a quick stab at categorizing the names that have been registered to date. 

Category NameDescriptionExamples
GeoThe name of a country, state, province, city, town, region, neighborhood, etcDenver.Homes
Geo plusA geo name with at least one additional description.BuyDenver.Homes
Person NameThe name of a person.JohnDoe.Homes
Company NameThe name of a company.Dominion.Homes
Real Estate KeywordA word that is used in the real estate industry.2br.Homes
Other KeywordA generic keyword that doesn’t fit any of the other defined categories.Sensational.Homes
Postal CodeA postal code89144.Homes

There is certainly overlap between categories.  For example, although “Denver” is the name of a city, it is also the name of several companies and the name of at least one person.  In order to keep this simple, we made judgment calls where necessary to assign each name the one category that we felt was the best match

To get started, let’s take a look at the distribution of domain names across each of the categories.

Pure geographic names are the most popular at 47% of all names registered.  If we include Geo Plus names and ZIP codes, both of which also describe a location, the percentage increases to nearly 58% as shown the portion of the chart above with the red overlay.  Perhaps this is because real estate professionals expect that people who are researching the purchase of a new home often include in their search the location where they want to live - e.g., “homes in Denver.”  And with the significance Google places on delivering local results, they can really take advantage of this opportunity to drive traffic to their site. There were also a few area codes registered, e.g., The303.Homes (an area code that includes Denver).  

Perhaps this is because real estate professionals expect that people who are researching the purchase of a new home often include in their search the location where they want to live - e.g., “homes in Denver."

Company Names (14%) and Person Names (4%) make up about 18% of the names registered.  The Person Names registrations include first name, last name, or both. Note that there are quite a few Person Names included in the Geo Plus category as well (e.g., MeganSellsDenver.Homes).  I had expected to see more Person Names registered as this provides a great way to build personal branding in an industry that is driven by relationships.

Real Estate keywords accounted for nearly 8% of registered names while Other Keywords made up 16%.  These are generally keywords that have high search volume and will rank well in search results.

The tables below provide a few examples of registered names for each of the categories.  

Have you registered the .Homes domain name that is right for you or your business?  To register now, simply navigate to one of our registrar partners and get your name before someone else does!  

Please check back regularly as we’ll provide additional insights regarding registered names.  Next up, an analysis of geographic areas in which tens and hundreds of names have been registered, often by one real estate professional.  

If you’d like to see the full list of categorized names registered to date, fill in this simple form to be added to our email list.  We’ll also let you know when the list is updated.

GeoGeo PlusPerson Name
Company NameReal Estate KeywordOther Keyword

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