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Press Release

Media Contact:                                                                                                   
Paul Carter
[email protected]


                              February 25, 2018


NORFOLK, VA -- Dominion Registries, the registry operator for the .Homes top-level domain, saw a large increase in registrations after it’s January 14th relaunch where they removed registration restrictions and reduced their registration and renewal pricing. The .Homes extension has seen almost three thousand new registrations added in the first six weeks after it’s relaunch.

“We are extremely happy with how the relaunch has gone so far,” said Jim Schrand, General Manager of Dominion Registries. “We saw almost two thousand new registrations in the first couple weeks of the relaunch and we’re seeing a steady stream of daily registrations coming in from our registrar partners.”  

In addition to the increase in new registrations, .Homes is selling premium domains at a faster rate than expected. Schrand stated that “We’ve sold several great premium .Homes domains to real estate professionals in the past few weeks. New owners are launching websites almost immediately after the purchase and say they have plans to expand their website footprint as part of their ongoing marketing efforts.”. Schrand provided a few examples of recent premium domain sales including VirginiaBeach.homes, MiamiBeach.homes, and Toronto.homes, which sold during the recent NamesCon domain name conference in Las Vegas.

When asked why he invested in a premium .Homes domain name, Max Menius, the owner of MiamiBeach.homes and SouthBeach.homes said: “It is a perfectly descriptive and intuitive website address with instant consumer recognition and appeal.” Menius’s appears to not be alone in his viewpoint. “We’re seeing real estate agents buy dozens and in some cases hundreds of .homes domains for themselves and their companies,” said Schrand.

When asked what’s next for the .Homes extension, Schrand shared that “We have several marketing efforts planned for 2019, both direct to the real estate market and in partnership with our registrar channel. Since the relaunch, we feel like we are just now at the starting line with the .Homes extension and have a lot of future growth to look forward to.”

 Those interested in registering a .Homes domain can find a complete list of accredited registrars at https://get.homes/registrars.


About .Homes and Dominion Registries

Dominion Registries provides top-level registrations for .Homes, .Autos, .Boats, .Yachts, and .Motorcycles. Their mission is to provide high quality, industry-specific website addresses to the residential real estate,  automotive, marine, and powersports communities. Working in partnership with the communities they serve, they enable the creation of quality content channels that make it easier for consumers to research and find the information they need to make important lifestyle decisions.