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Press Release

Media Contact:                                                                                                   
Paul Carter
[email protected]


                              January 9, 2018


NORFOLK, VA -- Dominion Registries, the registry operator for the .Homes top-level domain, has announced that it will relaunch the .Homes extension on January 14, 2019. As part of the relaunch, Dominion will remove the current registration restrictions making .Homes domain names available to the general public.

The .Homes domain extension is targeted at residential real estate professionals and businesses who want a short, memorable and relevant domain name for their web presence. This is especially true in a time when most names searched are taken in .com and short, premium .com domains continue to increase in price.

In addition to removing restrictions, Dominion will also reduce its standard registration and renewal wholesale pricing making the .Homes extension more affordable and price competitive with other extensions. Annual wholesale renewal pricing for premium .Homes domains will also be lowered to be in line with standard registration renewal pricing.

As part of the relaunch, Dominion Registries has and continues to on-board new registrar partners to provide greater access to the .Homes extension and make it easier for end users to register their .Homes domains with their favorite registrars. GoDaddy, the largest domain registrar and hosting company in the world has joined Dominion for the January 14th relaunch. “Customers are constantly looking for that ‘just right’ domain and .Homes provides a good opportunity for someone looking for a housing-related domain,” said GoDaddy Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Paul Bindel. “If someone visits a .Homes domain name, they know exactly what’s on the website. Providing that first impression to visitors is critical.”

Retail-focused registrars like Name.com and Dynadot will also be participating in the January 14th relaunch. Name.com is excited about the upcoming relaunch says Director of Marketing, Ashley Forker.  "Real estate agents and brokers thrive on efficient marketing, so we're thrilled we can provide the names they want with .HOMES domains, especially in a real estate market as hot as our hometown of Denver.". Several reseller focused registrars like Hexonet will be included in the registrar partners relaunching the .Homes extension, increasing .Homes global awareness. Marie Lanyon, VP of Marketing at HEXONET, stated that “At HEXONET, we are happy to be adding .Homes to our list of domain extensions. With customers in over 110 countries, we expect the easily recognized, relevant, meaningful, and timeless .HOMES extension to be well received by both our retail and reseller customers, particularly those with real estate interests.”

All registrars supporting .Homes registrations on or before the January 14th relaunch date can be found at https://get.homes/registrars


About .Homes and Dominion Registries

Dominion Registries provides top-level registrations for .Homes, .Autos, .Boats, .Yachts, and .Motorcycles. Their mission is to provide high quality, industry-specific website addresses to the residential real estate,  automotive, marine, and powersports communities. Working in partnership with the communities they serve, they enable the creation of quality content channels that make it easier for consumers to research and find the information they need to make important lifestyle decisions.